March 1, 2021

From 1879 Stumps to a Green Tomorrow

Hundreds of years ago our community started as a rolling woodlands, home to beautiful stands of trees. Settlers attracted to the area and cleared land to build sprawling family farms; the acres of cut trees led to a new name: Stumptown. Stumptown was a symbol of progress, of family and of community, and that is what Stumptown AC is about.

As we head into Spring 2021 with a renewed purpose and drive, we harken on that sense of progress and growth as our foundation. Each stump reminds us of the opportunity that awaits and new growth in the community. We are turning stumps to a greener tomorrow by commemorating each epic moment on the pitch with planted trees in the community; a lasting symbol of the collected moments, communal spirit and shared memories.

As we grow together, on and off the pitch, the moments and the memories collected communally will be the foundation for tomorrow.

#STAC1879  #1879Grow