April 22, 2021


Defenseman Bay Kurtz’s Volley, Stout Finish by Keeper Kevin Gonzalez The Difference

Stumptown AC of the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) has their first-ever club win after a 1-0 match against an improved New Amsterdam FC at the season-opening Legends Cup here.

“This is such a moment,” said Coach Rod Underwood. “This was going to be our most difficult game because of New Amsterdam’s size.

Midfielder Luis Garcia-Sosa provided a wonderful pass near the end line, just outside of the six-yard box that forward Bay Kurtz struck out the air in the 49th minute. The goal held up through a flurry of shots from New Amsterdam in the final 15 minutes.

“We’ve been together for less than a month,” said Kurtz. “It’s a beautiful thing to see what we have done in a month. You see a loss the first game, a draw in the second, and a win in the last game and it shows what we’ve been working towards.”

Teammate and keeper Kevin Gonzalez agreed.

“I saw the clock and the last five minutes and we faced about six corners,” he said. “This is what it’s about, and nothing is going to be easy in this league. I think this was just such a huge step for us.”

Stumptown exits the tournament 1-1-1 and enters the home-and-away season on May 8 with an away game at Maryland Bobcats FC in Montgomery County, Md.

“I’m so happy for Rod and (Chief Operating Officer) Carrie (Taylor), and I’m so proud of the players for the tremendous amount of hard work they’ve put in,” says Stumptown President Fred Matthes. “I’m really happy to have been great match.”